2nd July 2011

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On a beautiful summer's evening, almost 100 Old Wymondhamians were welcomed to the Piazza of the Lincoln Sixth Form Block with a glass of champagne
(once Julie could get the bottles open!) to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the College. Thanks go to Jackie and Caroline for organising such a great evening.
It was wonderful to see so many people and there was plenty of time to mingle and chat before the BBQ, for which we must thank Bob Bale and his staff, and
afterwards as well.

The Principal, Melvyn Roffe, announced that he had decided to award a College Lion to Ann and Adrian Hoare for all the work they have done on the history of
the College and these were gratefully received by them with a few words. As well as helping with the new book celebrating the 60th Anniversary, they have put
together an exhibition at the Wymondham Heritage Museum.

Steve Read kindly organised a Raffle - with Mrs Norton winning one of the prizes!

Phil Robinson kindly sent in the following photographs, but any more would be gratefully received. Update - Philip Wade has sent in photos of the Sixties Bunch enjoying the barbecue (11 onwards).

Let's hope to see you all again next year!


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1 Chatting before dinner 2 More chat
3 Sue Muir, Colin Leaford, Steve Read, Marcus and Annette Ellis 4 Principal, Melvyn Roffe, announcing the award of a College Lion to Ann and Adrian Hoare.
5 Ann Hoare thanking the Principal and speaking of her College days 6 Adrian Hoare with his thanks and memories too - just in front of Adrian is Lady Enid Ralphs, still going strong in her nineties, and after whom the 6th form block is named (The Enid Ralphs Building)

Mrs Norton winning a bottle in the Raffle

9   10  
11 Ready for the BBQ 12 Annette Booth, Susanne Barrett, Alan Bridges, Steve Human
and Philip Wade
13 Steve Human 14 Philip Wade and Kathy Mesut
15 Philip and Annette Booth 16 Kathy and Mehmet Mesut
17 Jennifer and David Childerhouse 18 Graham Smith, Chalky Whyte and Philip Wade
19 Graham Smith and Eileen Wyatt 20 Alan Bridges and Susanne Barrett
21 Sixties Bunch Take 1 22 Sixties Bunch Take 2
23 Sixties Bunch Take 3 24 Sixties Bunch Take 4
25 Olga, Joan and Jean of the 1955-56 Commercial Course      







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