April 2015

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A few pictures of the Sixties Bunch trip to Canterbury in April - and a couple from a visit to the Houses of Parliament!

Philip Wade


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Sandra Hornigold, Alan Bridges, Philip Wade, Susanne Barrett, Eileen Wyatt Eileen Wyatt, Sandra Hornigold, Marion Reed, Susanne Barrett Philip Wade
Susanne Barrett Susanne Barrett, Philip Wade, Eileen Wyatt, Alan Bridges, Sandra Hornigold, Marion Reed, Roger Hayward, Joy and Victor Laird Sandra Hornigold, Susanne Barrett, Alan Bridges
Alan Bridges, Philip Wade Philip Wade, Alan Bridges, Susanne Barrett Roger Hayward, Eileen Wyatt, Sandra Hornigold, Susanne Barrett, Philip Wade, Marion Reed

Joy and Victor Laird Philip Wade Alan Bridges and Victor Laird







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