2nd July 2005

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Maiden names are used for the 'girls' (except where stated otherwise).

This year's reunion was planned as an all-day event, rather than just a conventional evening get-together, and it proved to be a successful format.

Very many thanks to:

  • Alumni Secretary Carole Arnold for organising the event;

  • The College catering staff for a superb hog roast, salad and puds;

  • Alan Bridges and Philip Wade for organising the raffle;

  • Guitar duo The Rockin' Johnnies for three sets of great music (and the jokes weren't too bad either);

  • Victoria Musgrave for allowing us back onto the old turf;

  • All those who helped to set up and clear up;

  • Brian Ellis for his photos.

We were greeted and issued with  name tags by Carole Arnold at a reception point in front of the Chapel (the only surviving nissen hut).  Carole is retiring in September as Secretary of the Wymondham College Association (WCA) and the Wymondham College Trust (WCT) and we were introduced to her prospective replacement Joanne Allen. 

Joanne and Carole with David Bligh (1953-58).  Just out of shot is David's wife Heather (nee Roy; 1953-59) - yet another lasting College romance!

The day began with escorted tours of the College led by 6th Form volunteers, in the course of which many comparisons were made between the superb facilities that exist now and the way things were 'in our day.'  Some of those who had not returned for many years found it difficult to work out where particular nissen huts once stood.  A suitable visual aid will be provided next time!

The Parent-Staff Association (PSA) Summer Fayre got underway at lunch-time and it was surprising to find how many of the parents are College past-pupils.  The WCA ran two stands: a book stall (John Beales and Julie Ebbens) and a one-in-twenty five-chance raffle (Philip Wade and Alan Bridges).

John Beales and Julie Ebbens driving the second-hand book stall.
WCA Chairman Philip Wade, Marion Rix & Alan Bridges on the raffle stall.

Old faces appeared throughout the day, including some who were unable to make it to the evening 'do' and others who were buying tickets at the last minute.  As always, mutual name tag reading proved to be a good ice-breaker!

At 1.30 Alan Corrigan's Old Boys XI took to the field against a College XI in 20 over/side match, using the 1st team pitch (sad to see the absence of the old pavilion that was destroyed by fire in 1972). It was close fought, but in the end the College XI gained victory by just a few runs.

The Old Boys XI (minus one).

George Ross, Dave Johnson, Bryan Baxter, Robin Corrigan, Alan Corrigan (Captain), Tom Archer, George Corrigan, Steve Read, Barry Martin, Joseph Ludkin ... (Mike Curry missing!)

Alan Corrigan's report:

Saturday 2nd July 2005: Part cloud, bright with light breeze, slight humidity.

In a 20/20 over match the College won the toss and decided to bat, scoring 123 for 8. The Old Boys replied with 118 for 5 chasing fast on a tricky wicket. The College score was enhanced "masterfully" by Mr Kevin Blakey (44) and the match ended in a flurry of scoring by R. Corrigan & D. Johnson who nearly won it for The Old Boys. The Captain (A. Corrigan) made a meritable 35 and the bowlers for the Old Boys did well to keep the College score within reach. Credit goes to the young up & coming lads who pinned down the Old Boys with some good un-hittable bowling as well as some incredible wides.

It was all exciting and fun at the same time with a good crowd watching, sadly no heckling.

All the team members are keen to play next year to take revenge.

Towards the end of the afternoon a handful of us helped Carole to set up the Refectory and then either went off to change for the evening or drop into The Buck to gain flying speed for the night ahead.

The tickets said '7.00 for 7.30' but the keen types were settled in well before then!  We enjoyed a hog roast and were entertained by the most excellent music and humour of The Rockin' Johnnies, comprising John Dunn and John Langham.  Their Bohemian Rhapsody (Norfolk Version) had us in stitches (see later)!

Gerry Francis, Steve Human, Eileen Pearson, Graham Smith and Marion Rix.  Wake up Graham!

Roslyn Page and Vivienne Leach with their respective spouses.
John Head, Phil Robinson and Hazel Medler.
Joyce Daniels (now Pycroft), Brian Pycroft, Tony Wyatt and Esme McNulty (now Wyatt).
Gerald Gunton, Christine Vincent (Mrs Gunton), Colin Leaford and Sue Muir.
The Rockin' Johnnies - dimly lit (refectory lighting options: off or fluorescent glare).

"Scarramoosh, Scarramoosh kin yew dew the fan-dan-go?"

Clare Cooke, Joanna Corrigan and Alan Corrigan.
Heather Sanders (Mrs Wright), Francis Wright and Brian Ellis.
Joe Ludkin, Chris Robinson and Helen Corrigan (Mrs Alan Corrigan)
Tony Thomas, John Head, Neil Sparrow and Steve Read.
Francis Wright, Hazel Medler, Liz Everitt and Brian Ellis.
Mrs Wright (?), Ian Wright and John Head.
Not quite sure what's going on here, but WCA Chairman Philip Wade is definitely looking a bit sheepish!  Might have been the raffle ... and Graham Smith's a winner.







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