1st July 2006

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Maiden names are used for the 'girls' (except where stated otherwise).

About 40 members came to the Summer Fayre in the afternoon, only 7 of whom did not stay for the evening hog roast and12 of whom had a tour of the College led by 6th formers.  Julie Harding kindly organised the book stall this year and Philip Wade and Alan Bridges did a brilliant job with the raffle again, especially given the heat!  The PSA were grateful for our support and hope that we will be able to help again next year, although it may be in a different place for a change.  They will let us know the date and venue when they have decided. The tennis match was a new feature, kindly organised by Michael Brand, and was enjoyed by all.  Sadly the cricket match had to be cancelled, as Alan Corrigan was unable to field a side at the last minute.  This may not have been helped by the clash with the football but was a great disappointment, as the College had gone to a considerable amount of effort to arrange it.

83 people attended the hog roast in the end, and a good evening was had by all.  The Sayer/Brand speeches were an entertaining highlight of the evening and Frank Lawlor did a great job on the piano.  Sadly, Victoria Musgrave was unable to join us as she was unwell.  Lincoln Dining Hall seemed to make a good venue for this number of people and the nice weather meant people could spill out onto the lawn too.  Lilwalls provided an excellent hog roast, but this was let down by the shortage of salads (and rather tiny dessert portions) provided by the College.  I had booked for 85, so was amazed by the shortage but have taken this up with the Catering Dept and I am assured this will not happen again.  Having said this, I was delighted with the support I got from the College with the organisation of this event. Thanks to Philip and Alan again for organising the evening’s raffle, which raised 175!

The day was preceded again by the annual Golf Day and Dinner organised by Bob Rowell. It was, once again, a big week for a relatively small core of volunteers and the Secretary, but was hopefully worth the effort!

If you have any snippets to report on these events or photos which Bill could use on WCRemembered, do please let him have them."

Joanne Allen
Alumni Secretary

Please help to fill in the blanks ......

1 ..... and Chris Beech Gerry Francis and Steve Human
2 Phil Robinson and Sandra Lincoln (wife of Roger) Clockwise from left: Mike Herring, Bob Rowell .... John Beales .....
3 Marion Rix and Philip Wade Philip Wade and Eileen Pearson
4 John Head and Mollie Mallett Adrian (Twinks) Smith, .......... and Mike Herring
5 Eileen Pearson, Steve Human, Graham Smith, Marion Rix and Alan Dean John Head, Mollie Mallett, Sarah Cramp (?) .....
6 Alan Bridges, Philip Wade and Jo Allen The winner is ?  Alan Bridges at the right and Vera McLean facing the camera.
7 Roger Lincoln and Chris Beech Graham Smith, Gerry Francis, Alan Dean and Steve Human, with Jo Allen and Mike Brand at back left.
8 Pat Basey, Eileen Baron (nee Fox), Miles Baron and David Spinks Maggy Smith and Pat Basey
9 Bob Rowell ..... John Beales, Adrian Smith ..... ....... and Siobhan Munroe
10 Chris Sayer and Mike Brand Mrs Sayer (?), Chris Sayer and Mike Brand
11 Mrs Sayer (?) and Chris Sayer Miles Baron and David Spinks
12 Peter Nicholls and Bob Cooke .... Chris Sayer, Mrs Sayer (?), Mike Brand, Anne Hoare, Adrian Hoare
13 "This table ( the life and soul of the party mind) was filled by a most agreeable bunch of young upstarts. Namely, from left to right, Nicolas Soleau, Me (Alastair Amis), Justin Brand's wife who's name escapes me, Simon Brand, Justin Brand, Aiden Brand and lastly Dr Catherine Brand.  A really great catch up, and for me and Mr Soleau rather a few too many drinks, but in his case that's nothing new. A fantastic photo with some of Wymondham's finest in their prime." - Alastair Amis  

..... and David Scotton

14 Rebecca Dixon, Sally Green and James Dixon Diana Leggett, Christine Vincent and ....
15 .... and Gerry Gunton Frank Lawlor at the piano (the music is 'Beauty and the Beast')







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