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Some four years ago I came across a few battered black and white 35mm slides while sorting out an old box of photos.  They triggered memories of a fun week at the end of 1963 when the then Upper 6th, after finishing the A-Level exams, staged a Sixth Form Revue for the school's entertainment - since found to have been on the 16th and 17th July that year.  Once the slides had been scanned and included on this web site, several people who were involved have been in touch and their memories are included below, together with some 50 photographs from Chris Smith.  Graham 'Hank' Bowman, who was continuity man and newsreader, managed to find his bits of the script and they have been used to provide a narrative.  But first, the programme.

Herb Atkins

The Programme

The Sixth Form Elite are presenting a Review and you are invited to Studio * [alias Tomlinson Hall] to view, on Channel 3.142 your evening's entertainment.  You may be ridiculed, you may be exposed! You may not like it? You may plead libel!  You may plead slander, but nevertheless the show must go on, so nuts ...

[copyright reserved by messrs. 'Fut' & 'Pritch' Co. Ltd.]

The introductory overture
National news and weather
About Morley - including local news and weather. 
Yokel choir and flute solo.
Top term topics.
High Street Patrol.  Starring Broderick Parker.
Silver Serenaders.


News Headlines
Tues - Square Music
Wed - This is Your Life
Paul Wrench Singers
The Appeal
Your life in their hands

Those you saw were:-

Woody [John Wood]
Laurie [WTJ Lawrence]
Hank [Graham Bowman]
Sid [Stephen Poll]
Knocker [Ian Knowles]
Lucy [Michael Rice]
P.D. [Paul D. Clarke]
Silver [?]
Sue [Sue Footer]
Fuddles [Jane Ford]
Les [Lesley Sayles]
Joy [Joy Reynolds]
Susi [Sue Culley]

Those you heard were:-

Sag [Jim Douglas]
Merv [Mervyn Boast]
Herb [Herb Atkins]
Rubs [aka Rubberknees - Brian Perry]
Corky [?]


Eddy [Edward Fincham]
Rhino [?]
Minnie [Donald Johnson]
No. 1 (H.B.) [Hank Bowman?]
Smithy (Slides) [Chris Smith]




I certainly remember the Revue. My guess is that John Wood did a lot of the writing, possibly with Joy Reynolds' boyfriend, ‘Knocker’ Knowles, who was quite a card.  The title, if I remember correctly, was ‘Do Carry On’, Ray Metcalfe’s way of telling you to stop whatever you were doing and pretend to do something else until he’d ushered his visitors out of the way. 

In the revue, I played a couple of Debussy pieces as interludes, ‘Claire de Lune’ on the piano and ‘Syrinx’ on the flute, and that I remember quite clearly.  Of the sketches, the only one that I recall is John Wood’s impersonation of Olly [Seeley - Ed.], with a swimming cap over his head to simulate baldness, front teeth over his lower lip, and a broad accent with lots of spitting, as he either made or mended something.  It was cruel, but soothed by a voice-over from Sue Culley or Joy Reynolds at the end; ‘You’re so handy, Andy.’ 

Preparing this revue, which we did when A levels were over, was possibly the happiest period of my school career. We did a preview for Ken Bowman, which resulted in very light censoring, but the satire was pretty mild by today’s standards - I suspect because we were actually quite fond of our targets (I retain a very warm regard indeed for Andrew Seeley).

Anonymous (but won't be too difficult to identify if you read on!)

[Ken Bowman's censorship was restricted to deletion of a joke that referred to Enoch Powell MP as 'Eunuch Powell' ... on the grounds that the Junior School wouldn't know what a eunuch was! - Ed.]

I have , somewhere in the loft, my script for the 6th form review of 1963.   The whole thing was based on a television channel (Pi TV - I think).  I was the 'link man' and Newsreader.  All photos were back-screen projected. This is what I can remember.

News items included:

Other items included:

This whole review was a great success and it was the first time (and probably the last for some time) that this type of thing was allowed.  My one overriding memory of this was when Froggy came to me at the end and shook my hand and said "well done Bowman, I didn't think you had it in you."  If and when I can get into the loft to sort out old papers I am sure there will be more on this review.

Graham Bowman

'Minnie' (amongst the technicians) was, I believe, Donald Johnson; a role he also did In "Much Ado About Nothing" with Trevor Dodd.  I kept in contact with Donald off and on for a few years after we left but heard he was tragically killed in a car accident at Wroxham. ( I have never had this confirmed).

Tony Allison

I've had a good look at the web page and it certainly jogged my memories of those events but I don't think I can add very much.  I was in the review and if I remember correctly, the format was based on a TV programme. I think it was 'That was the Week That Was', which interspersed 'satirical' (and now very non p.c.) sketches with music; Millicent Martin had a spot to sing something specially written for the programme. Anyway, I had a slot to sing a short song in between various items - so the Susi was me (and there the resemblance to Millicent Martin begins and ends). I also remember the Enoch/Eunuch Powell joke but had forgotten it was removed from the programme.

Sue Culley


The Narrator's Script


This was a 12-bar boogie played by Paul Wrench on the piano, accompanied by (at least) Jim Douglas on my 6-string electric guitar and me on Jim's bass guitar - Herb Atkins

Before we start tonight's show, we would like to make it clear that the stage is representative of a TV studio, therefore all scene changes will be made in front of you and will be part of the show.

National New and Weather

No script for this

About Morley

Welcome to About Morley; a topical programme about your area.  First, the local news.

An emergency meeting was called in the Staff Room today when it was realised that there were only 60 prefects in the school.  Another 20 were immediately elected.

A shocked silence has been maintained by the staff after the announcement that a Slum Clearance Act had been passed on the Staff Room in order that the proposed sewerage scheme could be projected. An idea is however being considered in incorporating the Staff Room and the sewer, but strong objections have been made by the Sewerage Board.

Would anyone who has seen a grey, curly-haired canine on the loose, which answers to the name of 'Splash,' please report it to Mr Worrall who is extremely worried over its disappearance and fears that it may have been dog-napped to hold to ransom.

The recently founded Goman Destruction Company - a privately-owned and run institution - has been sued by the owner of Chalet 83.  The Destruction Company accidentally destroyed it during one of their tea breaks.  The owner is, however, being fully reimbursed with an ex-army tent, complete with ground sheet.  Mr Goman commented: "I think it wash a prank by the ladsh."

We end the local news by congratulating Mr Bawden on his century of sixes.  We wish him hard hitting in the future and may his arms never tire.

That is the end of the news.  Now over to Eric, who is waiting with the weather.

<Weather Forecast>

No script for this, but it was presumably a caricature of Physics master Eric Dudley who presented the weather on Anglia Television at this time.

Thank you Eric. And now viewers, right from the heart of Norfolk we have five of the biggest yokels ever seen, who have come together to form a choir.  They tell me that country songs are all they sing.  Perhaps this is because this is the only place they were allowed to practice.  Now over to the yokel choir.

<Yokel Choir>

That is all for part one of About Morley.  We will be back with you in a couple of minutes.

<Handy Andy Advert>

Andy Seeley impersonated by John Wood; as related by 'Anonymous' earlier.

Welcome back. We now have pleasure in introducing a flute solo by Mr Michael Rice.  He is about to play an Arabian Dirge composed by MAHARG NAMWOB.

<Flute Solo>

Thank you for your applause.  I would just like to enlighten you on one or two facts about the last piece of music, to which you clapped so heartily.  MAHARG NAMWOB is Graham Bowman spelt backwards and the piece played was the Arabian National Anthem - also backwards.  That's all from About Morley.  Goodnight.

Top Term Topics

Good evening viewers and welcome to Top Term Topics.  Today we bring you topics of interest which have happened over the last year.  To start tonight we have three lads from a well-known institution who have composed a song of their experiences and here they are to sing it to you.  A big hand for the Wogs From Wymondham.


Definitely not a politically-correct name these days, but we can't change history!  This could be the song referred to by Graham Bowman - There are some bits missing including a song that made ref to the fact that myself and one or two others had failed English 'O' level several times. The relevant verse went something like this:

"Poor old bowman and the rest
Failed the english language test
Eight  times they have tried and now it's nine
Lets hope they all do better this time"

Thank you boys.

I am sure you all know of the unfortunate accident which overtook Mr Bowman last term when he sprained his ankle.


<Smarties Advert - Contents of a Small Boy's Pockets>

If you're a parent you'll know what these are (1).  They are the contents of a small boy's pockets (2).  All children have them.  Odds and ends that they have picked up somewhere (3).  Young Sidney is no exception (4).  He carries them around with him (5) wherever he goes.  And here is the most important item of all ............. a tube of SMARTIES.  Sidney would never be without his SMARTIES.  Sidney: "You're right there mate."

(1) Bra
(2) Fags
(3) Girdle
(4) Catapult
(5) Panties

I am sure this needs no introduction from me.

<Snetterton sketch>

That is the end of part one of Top Term Topics.

<Advert - C.J. Smith of Gloucester for your personal photography>

Welcome back. Those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting the new recreation room all know of the excellent service one finds there.

<Coffee Bar sketch>

Now viewers, to finish T3 tonight, we have a song composed by a member of staff in the College who wishes to remain anonymous.  You may judge the reason for yourself.


I think this was to the tune of 'To be a Farmer's Boy' and the opening lines went something like:

The sun had set behind yon hut
Across the dreary moor
When through the mists a lad there came
Up to the workshop door ..... etc.
Can you tell me
Where ere there be
A man what would employ
To ....... and ..... and .... and ......
And be Dave Goman's Boy
And be Dave Goman's Boy.

Well that's all from T3 tonight except for this special announcement from 39.  The Gym Block is to be closed for repairs.

Drama 63

And now viewers, we present DRAMA 63.  Tonight we have 'High Street Patrol' starring Broderick Parker, played by Ian Knowles.


<Advert - "And they smoked their Players together.">

And now it's my pleasure to introduce the Silver Serenader.


......................  INTERVAL .....................

News Headlines

No script for this.

This is Your Life

"The ‘this is your life’ segment was a last minute idea and Gerald Siviour was a willing subject.  I think I did the Eamon Andrews bit." - Graham Bowman

<Advert - "Darling, please bath with Briz.">

The Paul Wrench Singers

And here for a pleasant interlude are the Paul Wrench singers.


The Appeal

We are now broadcasting an Appeal by Mr. Compton-Smith.


Brian Perry recalls that this was performed by Michael Rice (see photo 30 below).

<Advert - "This one of the 99 people out of a 100 who cannot tell Talk from Mutter.">


And now there follows a documentary programme on Wymondham College. (Music). First we will visit a typical scene in a dining room.


Your Life in Their Hands

And now we pay tribute to the nurses whose job is never easy, but is of course made impossible by some individuals.



As some of you might have heard, some members of the school orchestra have just fulfilled an engagement at Morley Fete; a Fete worse than death. They have now recovered and by special request will play some serious music by the eccentric, Claude Gervaise.


This must have been the Group (Messrs. Douglas, Boast, Perry and Atkins).  We played about 4 instrumental numbers - almost certainly 100% Shadows material and included 'Nivram' which was a guitar duet.  More about the group on the Rock & Roll page.


Any idea what form this took?

"As far as I can remember the last words spoken on the stage were 'let’s get out of here!'  We all ran out the back of the hall and the picture of us all with cases on the site lorry was the final slide. "


The Photos

It's not clear how these photos fitted into the show ... or even if they were used at all.  Chris Smith exhausted the best part of two rolls of 35mm film and every photo that survived is here.  Most of them were cut into individual negatives, so were intended to be slides.  If you can remember the context, or add more detail, do please get in touch.

1. The brick building is the ACF armoury at the end of hut 38. Front L to R are Jim Douglas, Ian Knowles and John Wood. 2. Tables are turned.  With their backs to the wall are Ian Knowles, Jim Douglas, Thomas Lawrence, Stephen Poll, Graham Bowman, John Wood. Chap at front left is using one of the ancient .303s that we were issued with.
3. Jim Douglas (a human hockey ball) and Sue Footer somewhere near the NW corner of the College. 4. Says Jim "I can remember doing that shot. It was part of the review slide sequence, but I can’t remember the storyline. I had sore hands and knees for a week afterwards."
5. The first two faces are unknown, but it's Tony Allison on the right. 6. Boys vs. Girls rugby.
7. Scrum - Take 2. 8. Tony Allison again on the right - does anyone recognise the other chap? Tony thinks it might be Tony Dew.
9. "I can only remember one of the photos and that is me and Ping’s dog. I can’t remember if it was used in the show (unless it was part of the missing dog news item!) but I seem to remember that it was part of a dog look-alike contest and I came first. I wish I still had as much hair." - Graham Bowman 10. Supplies of toilet paper (the hard tissue stuff).  Perhaps related to a dysentery outbreak?
11. There is a set featuring John Wood - here sitting on the hard tennis courts next to the MDH (in the background). 12. One of the two boiler houses is on the right.
13. Hitching a lift .... 14.  .... on a mission ...
15. ... to the Warden's house. 16. Enjoying a loaf of bread in the MDH.
17. The entrance lobby (east side) is off to the left. 18. I can't remember getting squash with meals.  Perhaps it was treat for people who were still in the Annexe at this time.
19. Seems like a Reggie Perrin style of departure in the pond, but didn't make much of a splash. 20. Possessions (and specs) on the bank.
21. Peel Hall is reflected in the water. 22. Photo taken at the end of the Admin hut (opposite Peel).  From top: NK, P.D. Clarke, Roger Cole, Eddie Fincham, Laurie, Michael Amis, John Wood, Graham Bowman and Ian Knowles.
23. A very docile moggy! 24. A young innocent emerges from the school bus (the Red Devil).  First of a sequence featuring Lesley Sayles.  Others shown here are Graham Bowman, Laurie, Jim Douglas and John Wood.
25. Outside the Admin hut. 26. And a warm welcome from John Wood and Graham Bowman.
27. Gazing at Peel Hall (Lincoln Hall beyond). 28. Does this sign still exist?
29. Graham Bowman on sentry duty at Wilkinson Court entrance. 30. "This was one of the series of photos shown as a backdrop while Rice (I think) was sitting in a chair making an “appeal” to parents to send their children to WC. His words, as this particular photo came up, were something along the lines of.. “boys and girls mix freely together!” - Brian Perry
31. Red Devil to the rescue. 32. Graham Bowman and Lesley Sayles outside one of the staff chalets.
33. Laurie gets a haircut from Jim Douglas - aided & abetted by John Wood and Graham Bowman. 34. Having a drink in the MDH.  The girls are NK, NK, Liz Knights, Gill Corser, NK.
35. The school lorry is commandeered. It's possible to spot Michael Rice, Jim Douglas, Paul D. Clarke, Joy Reynolds, Thomas Lawrence, Graham 'Hank' Bowman (trailing) and Stephen 'Sid' Poll (on the bonnet). The lettering on the lorry door reads 'Norfolk Education Committee.'

It is my elbow hanging out of the passenger window! - Brian Perry

36. A card game on the tennis court.
37. John Wood holds all the aces. 38. In the Park.
39. Graham Bowman in curlers. 40. Includes one of the standard bedside cabinets that we had in the huts.
41. Someone gets a kicking at the side of Hut 32. Elaine Turvey nearest. At left Arthur Palmer, Michael Rice and Peter Sedgley. Laurie hanging out of the window, Paul D. Clarke at the back, then Sheila Payne & Bob Cooke (strange gesture) over to the right. Ruth Hales in the middle. More names?  The tree is still there, 40+ years on. 42. In addition to those mentioned already, Ian Knowles, Roz Scott shoving Peter Jermy and (perhaps) Michael 'Waz' Arnup are also identifiable here. It could be Roger Cole at back left.

"Opposite Ruth Hales is Sanchia Underwood with me just visible behind her." - Sue Culley

43. Some kind of protest? 44. Eric's weather map.
45. Mervyn Watts. 46. The 'quartet' - Jim Douglas, Herb Atkins, Brian Perry and Merv Boast.  The slides were back-projected onto the sheet backdrop.