Tree Removal c1957

The land available to the College for sporting activities originally formed part of the Mid-Norfolk Golf Club.  It was covered with several mature trees and a good proportion of these had to be removed when the first pitches were laid out.  The two aerial photos below show the site in 1946 and 1988.

The largest trees were dealt with by lopping off all branches, then felling and, finally, the roots were blown up.  The following photos (from Alan Sidell) show the work in progress.  Too much explosive was used for the stumps and  large chunks of debris landed close to the spectators (Margaret Norton having the closest escape).

"I recall tree stumps being blown up in 1957 or so when they were making the sports fields bigger and better. We were kept away but the 'booms' were good." - John Chapman

"At the time of the explosion I (and many others) were standing up by the woods and a very large chunk of wood landed only a few yards in front of us." - Alan Sidell

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A view across the Park showing two felled trunks.

An enlargement of the previous photo.  The original prints are very small, hence the blurred image.

Alan Sidell with a fallen giant.

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