Canterbury Lads (2) 1962

Taken towards the end of the 1962 Spring Term.  In the previous September, Canterbury House came into being (created from West) and occupied half of Kett Hall.  A third of the West contingent had to stay in huts for a further term as Norwich House before they moved into Peel Hall in January 1962.  Despite this, there were a number of boys who had to remain in a hutted 'Annexe' for several years because of a lack of beds in the Halls.

Back: Malcolm Williamson, Patrick Hodgson, Richard Howard (who had just achieved a 20'11" long jump record for his age-group), John 'Speedy' Elflett

Front: Chris Wardale (believed to have died in a car accident late 60s/early 70s), Alan Nobbs and Roderick Hill

All those shown were in the 3rd Form and (with the photographer) made up an '8-bedder' dorm.

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