Trip to Paris 1954

The original material about this trip (below) was kindly provided by David Spinks some 3 or 4 years ago.  David has recently (2009) updated his 'report' and it is available here in Portable Document Format (PDF).  David's original photos and words will be left intact for those who might have problems with the PDF document.

Trip to Paris

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Back row: Tony Howe, David Spinks, Terry Russell, Peter Woodyard, Madame Hostess, Jack Cassie, Sydney Banyard.
3rd Row: ? Collins, Graham Crane, Jack Brown, Brian Wynn, David Diggle, Ivan Hipperson, Paul Hazell, Ray Martin, Michael Harvey.
2nd Row: Sheila Bolton, NK, NK, Dave & Mrs Goman, C.V. Hughes, P. Bailey, Jane Pearce, Michelle Howard.
Front Row: NK, Margaret Brown, NK, NK, Stella Carman, NK, David Armsby.

The school party was led by Mr & Mrs Dave Goman, Mr C.V. Hughes and Mr P. Bailey. These 2 photos were taken at Viry Chatillon, near Orly (South of Paris). The Chateau (above) was still in the condition as it was left by the occupying enemy forces.  All brass and copper fittings and fixtures had been stripped out for recycling into armament hardware.  The cost of the holiday?  18 .... for 3 weeks! Train to Newhaven; Boat to Dieppe; Train to Paris.

An anonymous donor has provided copies of postcards that were sent home during the trip:

La Tour Eiffel
Vue de l'Avenue de New-York

"Having plenty of fun and dull weather.  We had a smashing crossing.  It was fit to lie and sunbathe on the deck.  I will tell you about our hosts later on. Things are terribly expensive out here.  It costs about 3/6d for fares every day, I don't know how I am going to manage, everyone else is the same.  I took some photos from the top of Notre Dame today."

Notre-Dame de Paris

"I hope you are having the weather that we are having.  We are going to the tower today.  It looks as if we will have to climb up, as it costs 450 Francs (9/-).  We haven't been able to go anywhere much because of the heat, instead we go to a smashing swimming pool nearby.  We saw the annual fireworks display the other night (Liberation).  It was marvellous."

Place de l'Opera

"Will be home Wednesday morning, probably stony broke.  Cheerio for now."

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