Form 3A 1952

This photograph was provided by David Batterbee (now in New Zealand).  It is marked on the back as being Form 3A 1952 and has also been autographed.  Many of those pictured were 'Guinea Pigs' who started at the College in 1951.  There is a page dedicated to them here.

Back row: Simon Dow, Reggie Daniels, Douglas Knights, Gerald Burrows, Aubrey Hammond, Brian Raines, Brian Figgis, Alan Algate, John Cushion, William Hammond, John Bacon, David Batterbee, Ivan Hipperson, Robin Fancy, Derek Everitt
Middle row:  Sheila Bolton, Margaret Smith, Patricia Dack, Monica Baumber, Mr. Clark, Elizabeth Miller, Shirley Jaggard, Sonia Talbot, Annette Blunt
Front row:   John Vernon, Wendy Fuller, Madge Allard, Mary Hall, Janet Palmer, Doreen Fenton, John Brown

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