SS Uganda - September 1978

September 1978, as this was just before the Sixth form moved to Lincoln and Peel Houses. The trip started in Southampton and ambled to Athens eventually via Cadiz/Seville, Crete, Ephasus and other places I've forgotten.

Names also go with time!  I am 4th from right, top row.  Two rows down are the lovely Petra Norris in the black top, and Janice Proudfoot in the red. Staff at either end of this row are (at left) - Judith Blogg, Mr. Brand, Miss Battye (?), and to the right Mr.Wolsey (and wife ?).  Kneeling, 3rd from left is Sally Biggs with Julie Ridges on her left. And that MUST be George (?) Thoroughgood with his hand on a girl's leg 2nd from right.

Apologies to those whose faces I remember but whose names escape me (e.g. the guy to my left!).  Yes, I've still got the dorm. badges!

Kevin Howell (Kett Hall 1973-78, Lincoln 1978-80)

We have had a debate regarding the first use of the Uganda by College students.  The earliest occasion that we know of was in October 1972 when 70 pupils cruised the Mediterranean accompanied by the Warden and Mrs Wolsey, Mrs Dennison, Miss Bryanton, Mr Brand and Mr Beaumohl.  Was there an earlier trip?  Please let us know.

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