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On 22nd June 2002 the on-line Wymondham College Alumni Database was established, replacing an earlier off-line system that was maintained for some years by Carole Arnold at the College Alumni Office.


Security has been our greatest concern; for your own peace of mind and to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act.  This is how the system will work:

1.  On first access, you will be invited to register by filling out an on-line form and, at the same time, creating a username and password of your choice.   Provision of some of the information is mandatory and will be denoted as such.

2. The details that you enter will be separated into two categories:

3. The information is sent to an Administrator, who will validate your details against College records.

4. You will receive an acknowledgement.

5. When verified (which may take a few days at first), you will be notified that your username and password are active.

6. You can then access the site and:

7. The existing data, relating to over 4000 ex-pupils and staff, will be transferred to the on-line facility before it is activated. If you have already 'registered' under the old system, your previous details on the Database will be overwritten when you re-register on line.

8.  If at any time in the future you wish to be deleted from the database, we will carry out your request as soon as possible.

9.  Administrators may, in the future, add further details to your record to aid administration of the WCA membership and will, for example, be used to note application for reunion tickets, College magazines etc.


It has come to our attention that some OWs are experiencing problems when searching by name for individuals. Having looking into this it would appear that you need to enter JUST the SURNAME into the name box, it will then give you a list of possible names and you need to click on the one you are looking for. Also, when searching the database it is advisable to press the reset button to clear all search boxes between each search or it may not work. For more information or to report any issues, please email Caroline Hall, or write to her at Wymondham College, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 9SZ.


The costs of establishing and running the Database are being borne by the Old Wymondhamians. As you will be aware, we are a non-subscription organisation and rely wholly on donations and funds raised from sales of a small number of items. A new facility, which we urge you all to take advantage of, is the collection of internet 'discount' shops on the WCRemembered Morley Mall, where the OW's will earn a percentage commission from goods bought on-line.


*Administrators: nominated members of the OW Committee and the database developers.









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